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Freedom Temple is an AME Ministry, Mission, and Movement, revolutionizing the way we view worship and ministry. We Seek God's Face, Preach God's Grace, Teach God's Word and attempt to Reach God's People.

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We are searhcing for covenant partners to help us continue the ministry God has called us to. For your love gift, you will be added to eFreedom Church and afforded the same rights and priviledges of a member. Partner with us today.

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What Should I Expect

Well, you will not see a mega-church when you arrive at Freedom Temple. Nor will you experience a massive sanctuary that seems to swallow people up. There is a good chance that you will not be able to slip in and slip out as our ministry team will come and greet you. Imagine, coming to meet members of your extended family for the first time and they are treating you like family after just a few minutes. That is what we aim for at Freedom Temple. We don’t believe in visitors. Everyone is family that we just haven’t met yet.

What Are Services Like?

We begin our worship experience at 1:30 PM and for 90 Minutes we seek to engage and encourage each and everyone who attends our worship experience. We are committed to a creative, compelling, challenging presentation of God’s truth that will change your life. From the start, you see that there is one thing that we are passionate about and that is offering to the world a glimpse of the redemptive power of God and His desire to be close to His creation. We encourage you to bring your children. We believe that a family that worships together grows together. We are truly a family and our goal is to allow you an opportunity to experience God in your own way and at your own pace.

What Is The Community Like?

Freedom Temple is for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. If you want to experience God in a new way, if you want to develop your relationship with God, if you want to see God’s purpose for and presence in your life then Freedom temple is the place. We are a church for those who have been life-long members of a church or for those who have never set foot in church a day in their life. If you are looking for a comfortable and relaxed worship experience in a non-judgmental environment, then Freedom Temple is the place for you.

What If I've Had A Bad Experiences At Other Churches?

When people ask us “Why should I come to Freedom Temple?” we explain that we “Don’t Do Church”. So often, the idea of “church” is intimidating and prevents people who really need to be there from feeling comfortable enough to go. So relax, we don’t do church. We do ministry. We are simply trying to present the word of God to people in a simple and easy to understand way. If you don’t have a lot of “Church Experience” or your past experience with church has left you still wanting more, then give us a try. We never pressure you to join and everyone who walks through our doors is welcomed to participate or take advantage of all that Freedom Temple has to offer. So come as you are and leave changed.

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